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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I actually got some writing down today. Not notes, not plot points nor research for this or that.I set myself down and hammered out just over a thousand words. It was an easy thousand too which pleased me to no end. I had the plot and just started writing the opening scene.

It is for a fan fiction site I should mention. It is a new character for me and NOT Marvel related. Not sure how long it is going to work out to be. It ends when the story says it ends I reckon.

In the original works department I am editing and trying to finish a new book.My first book is on Pro Se Productions desk and I expect to know if they are interested in running the horror adventure by mid month July.

The first Grey Mantis short is plotted, the characters are semi fleshed out and I have received good words on his visuals so I might as well get started on that thing.

I've begun work on a web comic but we are definately too early in the process to go into details now. I am the writer for this project.

Lastly I have accepted the gig of writing a 10k short story about a Panday Studios product that like the Mantis is fleshed out and almost ready to be written.

Speaking of Panday Studios I just found out that a comic script, a real tiny one, is back on the production line. Think it just needs lettering and the other shorts for this comic antho to get done and it will be available for purchase.

What are you workin' on?

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