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Friday, November 6, 2009


My drawing schedule has cleared some and I am able to offer my services to anyone wishing to purchase them.

Need a head shot for a fan fic site? Be it a new shot of an old character or a pic of your own original character? Maybe a pin up of the hero or villain of your choice? Not limited to the supers either. I have a strong fondness for horror, sci fi and fantasy. I can work up a pencil sketch or ink it if you like. Maybe your original site needs some banner art or something for an ad to promote said site.

Christmas is coming. A little original art goes a long way.

Check out a variety of different things drawn and inked by me here:

I can provide references should you so desire.

Thanks for your time.

C. William Russette

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Word

Real simple.

Workin on the novel. Editing that vampire thing... one... last... time... then sending it. I wash my hands of it either way. Not the world. There's comics and novels and shorts more there. The Shaman's Skin is on it's last edit though.

Also, workin on a comic. Zain Falcon is gone. Not going into it. Developing a fantasy project now. See if I can channel some Howard and Salvatore and maybe a bit of Tolkien.

Gotta aim high right?

Watch for it, lads.