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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Novels and Notes

And the grind continues. But in a brilliant way. Writing is work to be sure but a gig that I would gladly do full time even if I just broke even. I know I ain't alone in this thinking so I shall just roll on. (did I just use 'ain't and 'shall' in the same sentence?)

I submitted my novel Shaman Skin to a pubisher and have my fingers crossed. I detest waiting.

Not waiting around I am hard at work retooling an old tale for an anthology book kinda thing that for now I am calling NEW MYTHOLOGY. When thats done I'll have... one story for it. So there's some work to do but I have ideas for the second and third stories bouncing around in plot and notes form. Very excited to finally be working on the first Dr. Alec Darrius stories.

Til next time.

Monday, March 26, 2012


The MYTH HUNTER is the first book by Percival Constantine that I have read. Being a fan of things mythological I have been eagerly waiting to read this work. I was not disappointed.

The tale stars one Elisa Hill. She is a myth hunter or one that seeks out the validity and reality of what we know as mythology. She has some serious and well funded opposition in a mysterious organization called The Order. She also has allies and makes new ones along the way. (such as the fox spirit or kitsune) Basically it’s a beat the clock story wherein both the Order and Hill and her allies are trying to be the first to find the real Lemuria.

We are very much kept in the dark about the Order on many levels. One thing is certain and that is that they are more than human and more than they appear to be. Their aspirations must be stopped. Elisa does her best to do just that.

Overall all I liked the work. There are some great action scenes, the pace is brisk, there were no dull points. When I had to put it down I looked forward to being able to pick it up again. As Lemuria is not a subject I knew very much about I thought it was a great original idea for a tale. I was also impressed with Constantine’s research in regards to ancient weapons, history and geography.

On the downside it left me wanting more. I know, that was likely the goal of the writer but it burns me. I wanted to know more about everything! Hill, the Order, her parent’s past (they were also myth hunters) the kitsune did nothing but raise questions. There were some dialogue choices that felt a bit snarky and out of character to me.
This is a solid romp that I tore through and would very much like to read the sequel to.

Fortunately I believe I won’t have long to wait.