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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Novels and Notes

And the grind continues. But in a brilliant way. Writing is work to be sure but a gig that I would gladly do full time even if I just broke even. I know I ain't alone in this thinking so I shall just roll on. (did I just use 'ain't and 'shall' in the same sentence?)

I submitted my novel Shaman Skin to a pubisher and have my fingers crossed. I detest waiting.

Not waiting around I am hard at work retooling an old tale for an anthology book kinda thing that for now I am calling NEW MYTHOLOGY. When thats done I'll have... one story for it. So there's some work to do but I have ideas for the second and third stories bouncing around in plot and notes form. Very excited to finally be working on the first Dr. Alec Darrius stories.

Til next time.

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