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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pro Se is live!

Pro Se is live!
Press Release for Pro Se Productions Magazine Debut

Action! Fantasy! Mystery! Adventure! Horror! Crime! Heroes! Villains!

All of this and more is coming monthly starting in July from Pro Se Productions!!!

Pro Se Productions, LLC, a fast paced new voice in the genre of Pulp Fiction, announces the debut of THREE MONTHLY MAGAZINES!! Harkening back to the glory days of pulp fiction, of over the top villains and larger than life heroes, Pro Se brings thrills and chills monthly in its three premiere titles-

FANTASY AND FEAR-Thrill and chill to horrors, hallucinations, dragons, and dreams every single month in the pages of FANTASY AND FEAR!! Knights errant, homicidal killers, boys and their magic lamps, demons from times past, and so much more come together to excite and terrify readers! Join new and established writers and artists every single month to slay old dragons and face new nightmares in FANTASY AND FEAR from Pro Se Productions!

MASKED GUN MYSTERY-Love a Mystery? Fascinated by how the criminal mind works? Like your stories with badges, guns, dames, and heists? Then end your hunt for fantastic pulp fiction with MASKED GUN MYSTERY! Any crime, any time, mysteries, robberies, and even crimes not yet imagined all have a home monthly in the pages of MASKED GUN MYSTERY, brought to you by Pro Se Productions!

PECULIAR ADVENTURES-Action unparalleled! Adventures unimagined! Strange lands, wild creatures, two fisted heroes, world conquering villains, and so much more appear monthly in PECULIAR ADVENTURES! The magazine for high flying thrills, breakneck action, and wall breaking, mind blowing fun, PECULIAR ADVENTURES is for the action hero in all of us and stars Pro Se’s flagship character Peculiar Oddfellow in a fantastical monthly tale!! Looking for something different? Like a little strange?? Then you’ll love PECULIAR ADVENTURES from Pro Se Productions!

Pro Se Productions endeavors to provide new and original pulp fiction from the hottest writers and artists in the Pulp genre today as well as new voices and faces to the field! Each issue will premiere monthly on the site as an E-Book AND print copies will be advertised when available!!

"Pro Se Productions' magazines harken back to another time and place and reminds us what good old pulp feels like. And like a right cross from an angry masked adventurer, pulp never hurt so good."
Bobby Nash - Writer: Evil Ways, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Domino Lady

Go to
and become a part of the Pulp Machine that is Pro Se Productions!
Any questions, please contact Tommy Hancock, Pro Se EIC, at

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