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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's New

I am back at the keyboard. Given my last six month slump it is an achievement in itself.

I am working on a short story at the moment. It is the second in the series of feudal Japan fantasy stories involing my ronin Ichiro Yamada. The first one (Children of Yomi) was published in one of Pro Se Productions magazines. Pro Se stopped making them for a while but I hear the mags are coming back.

A friend of mine suggested I write of series of Ichiro tales as there isn't much going on out there when it comes to samurai fantasy in the English reading market. Might as well do something with the lore I've stuffed into my melon, right?

I've found a few target mags to fire this thing off to once it's done. I'm in the home stretch far as a sub to one mag goes as they have a ceiling of 4k. We'll see how long Ichiro #2 turns out to be.

Til next time.


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