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Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Art and an Award

Couple bits of art
The first was an experiment in style and color with The Crimson Mask.

2nd was a draw off involving the creator Akira.

Now regardng the award The Pulp Ark awards have been announced:

Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions and Pulp Ark Coordinator, announces that voting has closed for the 2012 Pulp Ark Awards, the first awards given in association with this inaugural Pulp creators' conference/convention.
The Winners of the 2012 Pulp Ark Awards are-
BEST NOVEL-Yesteryear by Tommy Hancock (Pro Se Productions)
BEST COLLECTION/ANTHOLOGY-Four Bullets for Dillon (Pulpwork Press)
BEST SHORT STORY- The Devil’s Workmen by Barry Reese-The Avenger: The Justice Inc Files (Moonstone)
BEST COVER ART-Hugh Monn, Private Detective-by David Russell (Pro Se Productions)
BEST INTERIOR ART-The Adventures of Lazarus Gray-George Sellas (Pro Se Productions)
BEST PULP RELATED COMIC-All Star Pulp Comics #1 (Airship 27 Productions)
BEST PULP MAGAZINE-Pro Se Presents (Pro Se Productions)
BEST PULP REVIVAL-The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage by Will Murray (Altus Press)
BEST NEW PULP CHARACTER- John Blackthorn Created by Van Allen Plexico (White Rocket Books)
BEST AUTHOR-Teel James Glenn
BEST NEW WRITER-TIE Sean Taylor And Chuck Miller

My little Black Bat tale is in ALL STAR PULP COMICS so I contributed a bit to the award.

Those interested can buy the book here

That'll do for now.

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