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Friday, September 9, 2011

For This Week...

Watched DYLAN DOG last night starring Brandon Routh and based on the popular Italian comic book. I've never read the comic but it sounded appealing so I watched the film. I think they could have chosen a better actor than Routh for Dylan. He's just a bit too clean cut for me. There were some interesting ideas as far as this addition to the field of Occult Fiction goes. Great looking monster at the end. It was worth the rental fee but nothing stellar.

I'm currently reading COMEBACK by Richard Stark. It is was one the few Parker books that my library had. I am loving it. I've been meaning to read a Parker book ever since I learned there was a series of books that the character Porter from PAYBACK was based on.

Pro Se Productions has shown some interest in my paranormal thriller novel. More as that comes to me.

I've got two shorts out there in the aether of the internet that I am waiting to hear back about. I detest waiting.

Far as work in progress goes I am doing my background research for a large short story that I won't go into right now. It is most assuredly something different though.


  1. Oh you'll love the Parker books...those suckers are vicious.

  2. They were Literary Hatchet and Daily Science Fiction. The latter passed on THE RONIN AND THE FLAYER. Still waiting to hear from LH. I sent RONIN back out for ONE MORE TRY then it gets retired.

    I have read two Parker books and Grofield by Stark and all were great fun and hardcore noir.