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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Writer's may write by themselves but it certainly isn't a solitary endeavor. We need other writer's POV between first and final drafts. I do. I get way too close to the work of the moment. Some stuff that I would have tossed to the wind I gave new life to on the advice of another writer.

Thankfully so.

I'm knocking the dust off and retooling two past projects that I have a lot of fun writing but discarded thinking they were worthless.

Two separate worlds, different genre but works I am proud of none the less. Write what you love.

Workin on something fun with Wild Bill as well. Research on this particularly weird piece has lead me to Alchemy and the bizarre revelation (maybe) that Isaac Newton studied a fair share of that chemical-philosopher's art. Weird and worth digging deeper about.

I'm finding more story ideas than I have time to write.

Such is the road of the writer.


  1. Hey, if you're finding Newton (and his alchemical studies) interesting, give a look at Gregory Keyes' 'The Age of Unreason' series.
    It's a quartet of novels about Newton, Ben Franklin and various others battling over a series of alchemical secrets in seventeenth and eighteenth century Europe and America. Very cool series.

  2. I may just do that, thanks. Sounds cool.